Wednesday, August 25, 2010


We knew before Braden left we needed to update the family photo. The adorable Marielle Hayes did them in a funky spot in Oakland called "Jingletown" She is great to work with and we adored her already (she was best friends with one of my babysitters/Young Women in Nevada) We are so happy we got her talents to do pictures! Click HERE for a sneak peek. You will want her to do your pictures also!


It started at 5 a.m. dropping Braden off at the airport to head to the MTC in Provo where he will reside for the next three months while learning Hungarian, how to teach the people about the Gospel, and I'm pretty certain he will get a big dose of reality while he is there as well! I got "teary eyed" but I kept total control of my emotions!
Back to school! Hannah Leaves at 7:30 (until seminary starts, then she will leave at 6:30)
Can you tell that Parker is a teenager with attitude? He was less than thrilled to have me take his picture! It was really fun getting him up to go to the airport with us!
Chan leaves at 8 am. He is pretty easy to get going in the mornings!
I am now suffering from "mom guilt" as I was eating my amazing breakfast at the famous "TOWER CAFE" I realized my kids all left the house without breakfast! I had delusional ideas of fixing them a nice breakfast to send them all off to their various locations, but they were all too tired to even think about it!