Wednesday, February 29, 2012


WOO HOO! The Deal is on..(yep, I have a thing with drug testing lately!) And honestly who couldn't use a Groupon for HIV and STD testing! Buy one for yourself and for your good friend too! Only in San Francisco right?

This one has me scratching my head! (nothing else seems to be scratching so I will not purchase above Groupon) but this just in news kills me! Snoop Dogg at the Dixon May Fair (Solano County Fair) Who in the world thought it would be brilliant to bring this to the stage?

And if the above two items don't make you say ENOUGH... Martha Stewart at the Plaza Hotel dining with her dog (AT THE TABLE) Seriously? You can't make this stuff up!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I LOVE the fact that even though Hannah and I live almost 500 miles apart right now, she still manages to copy what I am wearing! (OK, obviously hers is a tad smaller) but exact same colors! When she lived with me, we would consistently come out of our rooms wearing the same color combos! We got a really good laugh at this one! 

I forced them to go on the Ferris Wheel. I wont lie, it scares the pee out of me practically! 

CURIOUS! Each cart has it's own barf bags!

I thought this box of action figures were adorable so I bought them. They started annoying each other and fighting so I gave them to Shawn to take home! YESSSS!

It is a good thing that we ate AFTER this demonic ride.  It honeslty makes
 me sick just to watch. Notice Chan and Park were the only ones tough enough to go on these!

I must have done something good as a mother because when I made the family pause to watch the flag ceremony, they all actually said it was great to watch! Ahhh! 

Hands down, the best bargain in this happy, overpriced place! The smoked turkey leg is $8.99. Don't be a fool and buy one for each person in the party, one will feed four people! I am pretty sure that if you ate one yourself, the above mentioned barf back would not hold everything in your stomach if needed. Just saying!
My family is always good to indulge me and take me to my favorite place "The Crab Cooker" in Newport Beach! Heaven! Chandler was not disappointed in his soft shell crab. This boy is a seafood fanatic!

We had a very nice Disney getaway! It does make me feel old though because I can't do all of the rides like I used to! I get rather queasy and had to sit a few out. Sort of a bummer that all of Disney Adventure was torn up for renovations to the "new main street" . We saw the designs they have for it and it will be rather amazing. One interesting tidbit we found out about when we were there: "Dapper Days" ! (note to self find very cool dapper dress and go with Lissi to next Dapper Days)  People everywhere were dressed up in these amazing retro suits and dresses. They looked adorable! They said this is a thing they do once a year and people come dressed to the 9's! It was fun to watch their enthusiasm and effort!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I never fail to be amused by what things can be found in the dollar store. I count it as a lifesaver when I am looking for things to use in my Wolf Den for games, crafts and even snacks. When I went to grab a few things tonight, this little beauty stopped me in my tracks! Of course I had to take a picture because this for some reason struck me as disturbing, funny and wrong all at the same time! The UCD students buying their pregnancy test looked at me as if I had been smoking some weed myself, but it was too good not to capture! So if you ever need one of these, remember your neighborhood $ store (really, why would you buy it anywhere else?)