Wednesday, January 28, 2009


(besides LOVE, Diet Coke and Chocolate) WHITE SHIRTS!!
I have not counted them actually, because I am afraid to count that high, but off the top of my head I have at least 10 of them hanging on hangers, there is my favorite and oh so dressy,figure flattering wrap shirt, my 2 no wrinkle ones from Nordstrom's, at lease 3 from Eddie Bauer and probably 6 more random shirts, all in WHITE, and this does not compare to the many layering tee's or tanks folded up on my shelves. I sincerely believe that you can't have enough. But what does this say about me? Hopelessly boring? After all, I am very fair skinned and white does nothing for my "colorlessness", but I simply LOVE white shirts. They look cool, crisp and they are a no brainer, they go with EVERYTHING, I don't have to think about them, just simply pick out which one I am in the mood for, put it on with jeans, slacks or a skirt and presto, I am good to go. I am hopeless, I go shopping to find a darling shirt in some color or pattern but I usually make my way back home with another WHITE SHIRT! I found 2 darling ones with the amazing price of $2.99 last night, but don't tell Shawn, he might think I already have enough! ( I could NOT help myself!)


Saturday, January 24, 2009


Shawn and I walked down the street to a new Coffee shop/ Cafe to see part of their entertainment for the night (see handsome in picture below) GREAT job Braden!!And when I return, I find these random pictures of these crazy girls on my computer, NOTICE that these are all taken on TOP of our roof! Notice in the one picture the FRAT BOYS setting up for one NOISY party (they had to be wondering what these girls were doing on our roof in such
fraternity like behavior!

Who does dancing and handstands on roofs?

NOTE to self...give girls more specific rules and guidelines before leaving them on their OWN!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Thats right..blossoms, I was out running errands for Jazz Choir's Cabaret and for the Scout's Blue and Gold Banquet, and there right before my eyes was a tree in full GORGEOUS bloom!
And just Sunday, we were at friends for dinner and their yard was in full SPECTACULAR BLOOM full of spring bulbs. Am I in the wrong month? Is it not quite the end of January? I am caught between elation that warm weather is on its way and feeling guilty because we DESPERATELY need more (much more) of a rainy season!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Today it has been 5 years since we received the tragic news that my dad died in a plane crash. There are still days when my mind plays tricks on me and find myself thinking I should pick up the phone and call him (we used to talk often over random things, funny jokes, advice, friends and he was my DIY advice guy) Right now Shawn is wishing he were here to help put in our wood flooring. My dad was the kind of guy that could fix anything. He is still missed dearly by family and friends. As I am spending time with my mom in St. George after she broke her leg, I admire her strength as she moves on through life without her soul mate. His funeral was a tribute to the way he lived his life. Every flower shop sold out of plants and flowers. Pilots from everywhere came to show their respect. His funeral was standing room only. He would never believe all of the people that were there to pay their respects. There were several "fly overs" during his funeral. He was killed with Nathan Ballard (Pres. Ballard's grandson) and we were comforted to know that both of these men died doing what they loved and that we have the knowledge of eternal life to get us through this trial. I have no doubt that I will be reunited with my dad someday, that is what keeps us strong and continuing on.

At dad's funeral, we passed out his "calling cards" that he loved. (sorry these did not scan very well but you get the idea) He would have loved the thought of everyone getting one of these.

We also had copies of this saying, that all pilots can relate to. We used to tease my dad and tell him that he should feel guilty for taking a paycheck from SKYWEST, because if the truth were known, he would work for them without a paycheck, he loved it that much. He was so fiercely proud of his kids and grandkids (he could NEVER talk about them without his eyes swelling with tears of joy and pride) I often feel cheated because there are so many milestones to still be reached with his grandkids. I hope I can instill his goodness and love in them. He showed us all how to make the most out of life. Good thoughts abound when we think of him, we have so many great memories of him!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Parker left with the rest of the 6th graders from NDE to go to a week of "outdoor school". It is amazing how quiet is without him. We miss his great sense of humor, his ability to socialize 24/7 , and the little tidbits of random wisdom he gives us. (we do not miss all of the drama that he sometimes imparts to the entire house) But we will really be glad to see his smiling face when he comes through the door on Friday. Hannah tells us that he will be a true "tree hugger" when he returns. I hope he will return happy to see us and a little bit more independant!

Monday, January 5, 2009


For grandparents, Aunts, Uncles that don't get to see Braden perform often in Jazz Choir, just click here and it will connect you to a link with a few songs from their Winter Concert. If you can't tell, Braden is on your right hand side (it is not the greatest recording, but it will give you and idea) Oh, the pictures is of Braden with Elyse on the "Bug's Life" ride at Disneyland, I put this picture because it will totally "BUG" Braden that I posted it here!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


To go from stick strait hair to wavy, try this little trick...Beat egg whites till fluffy (you know, like meringue just no sugar)
put on damp hair and blow dry scrunching as you go and waaaalaaa...
a lovely head of wavy locks (no, it does not smell like scrambled eggs or anything else)

I love Hannah's hair wavy, she doesn't like the "crunchiness" I think it is