Sunday, April 8, 2012


If you have never met my amazing friend Jill, you are missing out! I can't tell you how much I love this girl.  As you can see, she is one tough biker girl. She and her loveable husband Tom have not one, not two but THREE Harley Davidson motorcycles. They met in a Harley club. That's right, I roll with Harley gang members!

They go on some pretty cool rides. Jill is maybe 5'2". Don't let her size fool you, she is pure sassy! But she looks sweet on her Hog doesn't she?

If that doesn't make you think she is tough, she ALSO has TWO pit bull dogs! (watch out, they will lick your face off) Yeah, don't even mess with me, I have rough friends that can take care of business if needed.  Did I mention she is a very loyal friend and would do ANYTHING for me?
Jill is always willing to go on adventures with me. This is us when we did the "Mothball Fleet" tour in the Bay. She loves doing new things as much as I do and is always up for anything. She is as comfortable shoe shopping as she is on her bike. This gal is versatile!

But I must warn you, when biker chicks go bad, this is what happens.......This morning when I was still in my  PJ's before church, I hear hopping up my stairs, then a tapping on my bedroom sliding glass door. Who is it? My pal Jill bearing a basket FULL of Peeps and other goodies including "raisinettes" (our candy of choice that we sneak into the movies to share) She is a clever one. She found socks that match her lovely footy PJ's and put the socks over her "reindeer ears" and taa daa..instant Easter Bunny! She is a genius! But more importantly she is one of those friends that make life so much better because they are part of it! Thanks for making my day Jill!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Weekend may have included shopping for Victorias's Secret "Bombshell" Bra

Perhaps it even included some muu muu shopping.

Without a doubt it included taking strange pictures as if we were some 13 year old girl's and laughing ourself's silly!

All while being uplifted on so many levels watching General Conference! 
Thanks so much to these beautiful, silly gals that let me tag along and love me and all of my craziness! What ever would we do without girlfriends? We met "halfway" in San Luis Obispo (halfway meaning 2 hours from Bakersfield and 5 hours from Davis) But so worth the trip for good laughs, prudent advice, great food and much needed catching up! My sould is rejuvenated so many ways! Can't wait until we meet again!