Thursday, January 20, 2011


 View out of our rec room "Pine Valley Mountain"
 View from front door

 Family room at Christmas

View of messy kitchen from family room
View of the hutch decked out for Christmas
View looking at front of house

View of the Wiscombe Crew plus a few extra

View through Hannah's new camera at the slopes

View of Parker and Hannah's faces getting warm in the lodge
View of my sad face because they are there and I am not!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Without my girl it feels like a big piece of me is missing!
You see, I have not had much of a chance to update my blog due to that fact that Christmas is busy enough, but we threw a move into the mix. So I was overwhelmed with stuff to do and dumbfounded thinking of how to put these many changes into words for my blog. So this whole move thing will make for another post on another day. We are sort of moving in stages as a family,  today was the day I took Hannah to the airport. But the heart cracking started this morning, when she met her amazing friends to say goodbye. I know she cried, but we couldn't talk about it because it would just be too emotional and just easier with things unsaid.

These girls Hannah, Emma, Rose and Elise (Minus Amy who is spending the year in the Netherlands) are the girls that Hannah met when she started 6th Grade at North Davis Elementary. They took Hannah in and made her experiences here Fabulous! They have spent weekends just hanging out, spent 2 weeks in Spain while Rose  was attending International School. They went to Cabo with us. They spent many fun times in San Francisco, enjoying Rose's Condo, shopping and exploring. They met at the park to play games, gathered on our roof to dance and watch the "Frat Boys". They had super fun photo sessions. They threw the best parties or sometimes  they just loved doing nothing but being together.

They have made each other better people. My heart is aching at the thought of her telling her sweet friends good bye. It is  heart breaking because there is just something about a mother and daughter that is divine. I picked her up after Christmas at the airport and guess what, we were dressed practically alike. This happens a lot when we are getting ready for church we tease each other about what each other might be wearing so we don't look like twins (I wouldn't mind, Hannah is another story!) My girl is sweet, kind, funny, smart, pretty, humble and keeps me sane. She very bravely boarded the plane with her sedated cat Suki along for the ride (yet another post idea) I cried like a baby leaving the airport. I really thought Sudesh the parking attendant would give me free parking because I looked a mess and I think she sensed my pain! (I am not a pretty crier, I am a wreck!) I know more incredible adventures await Hannah in St. George, these changes are difficult but life is full of people just waiting to make life that much sweeter. Her new adventures will begin soon!

This is her new room (with it's own bathroom so  no more sharing with everyone and their dog!) She LOVES this new room. I hope she will also love the sweet note that is waiting for her on her mirror!

(Sorry, it was sent from Shawn's phone so it isn't legible). It is basically a note that she will need to unscramble to find out who the mystery man is. It is from one of our new neighbors (he is very cute and is also in Spanish 5 so they can practice) He is so very thrilled and nervous to ask her to Jr. Prom @ Pine View High, her new school. Shhhhh! So I think this beginning is off to a good start. It makes my heart feel a bit better knowing that she will have new friends waiting to be discovered  who will love and adore her like her Davis girl's do! Good luck Lissi Doll, good things await you!