Monday, November 7, 2011


That is what they called "Growing up Skipper" the "unintentionally perverted doll".  Even now it provides my sister's and I a great laugh! I can't remember who gave  my sister JoLin and I these dolls for Christmas, it was either my Grandma Leona or my mom. Regardless, it was good for hours of entertainment!  And how wise that we each got our own to avoid any fighting over her!
Growing up Skipper was not like any other Barbie or her friends. Skipper was "pre-teen" and with a quick twist of her arm, she would grown taller, get a shapely waist and grow... taaa daaa... BOOBS! Yep, all of that in one rotation of her arm. AMAZING! Of course she was the coveted doll among our Barbie playing friends. She was practically miraculous! If you don't believe that they really made Skipper like this, check her out in action on You Tube. She also sells on ebay for $65 and up.
Dana,  my youngest sister did not get one of these great dolls because she was well known for chewing off Barbies feet and sitting on my "Barbie Dreamhouse" balcony on Christmas morning and crushing it. Believe me, I still remember how devastated I was when she sat her butt on Barbie's balcony. I am surprised I didn't require therapy for that little incident. 

We often remind Dana that the reason she never really got more than a size AA on her chest is because she could never rotate her arm enough to grow them.  Perhaps it was some curse that Skipper put on Dana for chewing off Barbie feet or destroying our "Barbie stuff"

This reminded me of another favorite doll that I had "Flatsy" and you can imagine  how excited I was when I found a "Flatsy" in Chinatown recently. I think I am going to give her to Dana for Christmas!