Friday, November 20, 2009


Hannah and her friends decided during lunch to go climb some trees. They were having a lovely time until a bunch of 5th graders came over and started whining and carrying on about how these "tree climbers" were hurting the trees! They then proceeded to get their teacher who gave them a lecture on how environmentally irresponsible they were for climbing the trees. What has happened to childhood? I always thought as a kid that large trees were begging to be climbed. I guess now days we would be arrested if we even thought of building a tree house ! (please note that Hannah and her pals were not being destructive, I asked her if they were using chainsaws or something to get such of a response and they were not!) What is going on that kids can't be kids?

Sunday, November 15, 2009


It is my great privilege to work with these incredible women in the Primary of church.
From the left is Audrey (80), Pat (77) and Delia (74)!
These women serve faithfully and with Christ like love every Sunday teaching the youth of the church. Audrey is my Secretary, she is the BEST! She does spread sheets and keeps us organized ( I am a hard one to organize so she has a difficult job) Pat teacher the youngest class of 4 year olds and is a favorite of everyone. She has an CHARMING sense of humor, and Delia is this beautiful woman who teaches with such faith and love (she brings her guitar in and teaches them songs on the Articles of Faith). These women are each an example to me and I admire them so much! So if you ever think you are too old to teach the youth, ask the students of these women and they will tell you how incredible their teachers are!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Celebrating the 24th anniversary of my 21st birthday!!

This amazing dance co. was @ the Mondavi Center the day before my birthday, so I bought tickets and convinced Shawn to go with me. It was a very fun way to celebrate (a lot funner than my actual birthday when I was partying with the Primary kids preparing for the program on Sunday!) I have to say that partying on Fri 13th with sugared up primary kids is a bit scary and made me feel old!