Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Whole Zoo

This is the Urban Hullabaloo. We are really awful when it comes to picture taking, formal or non formal we are not great at it. This will probably hang on our wall for another 3 years before we update it. Not my strong point! I have to say that this blogging is proving to be a real challenge- I hate to admit that I am the pre-computer generation. The great thing is I have children that are very savvy and can figure something out in a fraction of time that it takes me. They are wired so differently and stuff like this is second nature to them-Lucky me!!

Terrible two's

She is not sweetly smelling the flower that Shawn planted- she is trying to figure out how she can tear it out! She is a TERRORIST! I feel like I have a two year old again wondering when she will be house broken, well behaved and stop biting. She has more chew toys than any of my kids had. But her very favorite thing is a great shoe. Yes, she decided to snack on a pair of brand new Dansko's! When I took the shoe to get repaired the cobbler told me he found the best way to repair them would be with PUPPY HIDE!

Don't let her sweet face fool you!!

This is the dog formally known as Maisy, however she has several other nick names such as: Maiselton, Mais, Puppers, Fat Thing, Sassy, Sibby, Petunia Pickle Bottom, Mazuza and last but not least Damn it!