Monday, September 27, 2010


I have always prided myself on what a savvy and frugal shopper I am! I thrive on finding a great bargain. Among my favorites are Marshall's and TJ Maxx . Ross was in the running until the following incident:
I popped into Ross after work to grab some new measuring cups (Shawn managed to wear mine out with all of his crazy baking) everyone knows that Ross has amazing and cheap kitchen stuff. I happily gathered my purchases and proceeded to the check out. I was smiling, I had found measuring cups and a few other great bargains. I stepped to the register and the cashier rang up my total, she then asked if I got my "discount". I am certain I had a puzzled look on my face wondering if I should have a coupon, or perhaps she thought I got the employee discount. My look soon turned to horror as she said "Oh, maybe you are too young" ARRGHHHHH! It was senior discount day! I wanted to cry! The nerve of that woman! I am now having to really evaluate if it is worth shopping there for a bargain. Is it worth sacrificing my pride and dignity? Maybe I need to be more loyal to Nordstrom's, they would NEVER ask me if I needed my senior discount!! My self esteem is hurt a little, my ego is bruised. Will it stifle my desire for a great bargain? I doubt it! But maybe I need to go get some fancy age defying make-up!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


For the last few years, my gal pal Anissa has come to run the Labor Day Race here. Why she or anyone else enjoys running for more than1 block is beyond my understanding! But she does it and hardly looks like she is winded coming across the finish line. She brought her son up to run in the kids race. At the last minute Chandler decided it might be fun to run with his friend Dallin (definitely not a gene he acquired from Shawn or myself.) 

So Chandler ran the little race ( I think it was less than a mile) but he managed to take 2nd place. As his mother, I have to think he would certainly have taken first if he had decided to race in tennis shoes instead of unlaced Vans (my humble opinion of course.)  It was a breeze for him because he has more than his fair share of energy. But perhaps he will be the first runner in the Wiscombe Family. Maybe after his first real marathon I will understand why people do this running thing, but probably not!
I am thinking since there is NO WAY he was genetically blessed to be a runner, his luck came from the number given to him at registration! Maybe we will go to the Casino !