Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Start by meeting everyone early on Wednesday to go to the amazing "Blue Plate Diner" in SLC
If you don't order their fabulous homemade hash, you missed out! Heaven on a plate, just ask my kids who could not keep their grubbby hands off of mine! I could have hit this spot up for breakfast every morning. We will be back for sure!

Do fun decorations from leaves gathered from Davis and St. George. Chandler and I made these to decorate the condo with. I had done this with my Wolf Scouts for their "leaf collection" and knew Chan would love it, he always wants to do a "project"
(note:  it isTrader Joe's Candy Cane Joe Joe's time..yeeessss!)

One more Banner,  with this mandatory tradition playing on TV 

No gathering is complete without a casual, low key, non competitive game of "Phase 10" in the Wiscombe house. (and Trader Joe's  Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels). I really hate to brag, but please look closely at that score, if you cant read it says mom (me) 110, the lowest points by far. I pretty much skunked the rest of those losers. They were not happy, perhaps they will have a chance over the Christmas break to beat me (I highly doubt they can actually do it) but it will be fun for them to try!

Lovely meal in the glorious Park City. We ate, then ate pies, then ate more. A complete celebration of glutony! OH SO GOOD!

And of course shopping on Saturday. We picked up this useful gift that will be sure to please the lucky recipient! We only bought one, so please everyone do not get your hopes up too high!!
Seriously, who wouldn't be tempted by this contraption after feasting for a month during the Holidays? I hope you aren't too jealous. If you act fast you may be able to pick up one or two of these beauties before they sell out, if you act now...
(I am sure you always wondered who buys this truly priceless crap, now you know!)

Chilly swim anyone?

No trip to SLC area would be complete without a visit to see Temple Square kicking off the  season. So amazingly beautiful! The perfect end to Thanksgiving and beginning of the celebration of Christmas!

Are they adorable offspring or what? Well equipped for cold weather too!
Why yes, Parker happens to be wearing the "slim away" (maybe Hannah and Chandler too) It makes them look so thin after consuming so much food the day before! Great results with that gadget I tell you! Get yourself one NOW!
The root of their good looks! Or something like that!
(No "slim away" used for this photo incase you were wondering)

I found this quote on the employee portal at my work:

"Happiness comes when we stop complaining about the troubles we have, and offer thanks for all the troubles we don't have. Everyday take time to find something that makes your heart laugh and your sould smile. We all face difficult times in our lives but don't let your circumstances get you down."
unknown author

Saturday, December 8, 2012


This Chandler boy of mine is a funny kid!  From a very young age, Chan LOVED to pack his own suitcase and has always done a top notch job doing this. Parker, age 15.5, still can NOT pack a suitcase for the life of him, it is not exaggerating if I tell you that once when we checked his suitcase for a week trip he had packed 1 pair of underwear (yes, I know, beyond disgusting), a pair of socks and two shirts, nothing else.  Chandler will often volunteer to pack Parker's suitcase for him. I'm not sure if this kind gesture is because Chandler really likes to pack or if he has mercy on who ever might be traveling with Parker, either way it is a nice thing for everyone involved!

I met Shawn and the kids in the beautiful Park City for Thanksgiving. I packed light to avoid checking a suitcase. I knew if I didn't bring hair stuff, Chandler had my back on this!
Chandler's basket to keep himself looking handsome (it is rumored that he uses these products morning and night) Yes, he packed the entire basket for our 4 day get away. 2 bottles of cologne, plus he had the folks at Sephora make him a sample for easy packing. Because you never know what scent you might be in the mood for right?

Proving that when your hair looks great and you smell good, you can get away with wearing PJ's with feet in them while parusing the latest fashion magazine. Is he the cutest ever?

He even packed this little woooden chest so he would have somewhere to keep his headphones in at night! This kid does not miss a thing! 

The pro-packer. Perfectly put together for some shopping on Park City's Main Street (because you have to look your best there) I think that grin was because he had a snowball ready to pelt me as soon as I took his picture. 


I can not believe that I have not posted a thing since the end of summer! It seems life got busy, then chaotic with many crazy things happening. Then I thought..."Do I really want to continue doing this blog?" I pondered this for a while. Then as I tried to remember events, pictures etc from the past, I started looking back through the blog. It was a fun look at things that happen in everyday life of the family, things that my children will be able to look back on and see my quirkiness, and remember when the days, months and years move on. So I will continue to post, lighthearted ordinary things. I won't post about husbands being unemployed, not much mention about living apart due to many circumstances or trying to cope with my child going to Europe to be married. Some of these things are just too hard to write or even put into words. I will just continue to write things that I can look back on and laugh about, fond memories. I will post good times, because honestly I feel bombarded with anxiety and sadness every time I listen to the radio or watch the news. I could do post after post of trials, heartache and crap that life throws me, but why focus on that? We all have those sort of trials. So I suppose for the most part this will be the rosier side of life in the Wiscombe family.  Good memories coming to this blog soon.....