Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Break Getaway!!

We decided to do a quick trip to get away for spring break. We had never been to the Mendocino Coast so we thought it would be a great plan-it was!! We drove through miles and miles of almonds orchards, beautiful lakes and forests full of redwoods so dense that moss and ferns grew everywhere. The road ended at Fort Bragg where we spent the night at a hotel looking over the coast. This is of "Glass Beach" the sight of an old dump in the early days. after it was cleaned up it was full of "treasures", everywhere you look is sea glass, every shape, size and color including antique plates. We all had fun sorting through our free souvenirs! You should check out this beautiful area. Click here to plan your perfect get away!

Point Arena Light house

This beautiful light house is a great spot to tour. It has a museum, gift shop and is a great place to whale watch. You can even reserve the ranger cabins and spend the night. How much fun would that be? The drive between Fort Bragg and Bodega bay is nothing less than SPECTACULAR!! However it is not for those who tend to get car sick!

One Last Stop

Chan LOVES the ocean. He begged for one last stop to comb the beach and get his feet wet. We stopped at Sea Ranch and found a fun trail to the beach. Braden and Hannah were able to find new noses-I think they are quite attractive on them!

The Charming Village of Mendocino

I saw where I am dreaming of retiring. Mendocino is something strait out of Anne of Green Gables. Beautiful, full of charm and a view of the ocean everywhere you look. I am taking donations (nothing less than $100,000.00 please) to set up and get this property. Your generous donations will guarantee a room with meals included for no less than two weeks a year- a great bargain for all!! Hurry and send your donations and I'll include a bonus week! I may get sick of the rain once in a while, they get between 40 to 70 inches of rain each year. Perfect days to sit by the fire with a good book and listen to the crashing waves or whale watch!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Daffodil Hill

Easter in our family always calls for a picnic. Tiff is here visiting and we always seems to take her on long drives and she is always a good sport for our adventures. We went to Daffodil Hill to see how beautiful it is- it was worth the trip! Even after putting up with whining kids because we did not know where were going, it turned out to be a fun little expedition! Hannah insists that we were lost FOREVER, it was really a journey through Sutter Creek and the "scenic route". We had a picnic by the creek. Parker and Chan could not stay out of the water, they even found a turtle. A good time was had by all!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm going to try cleaning like this...

Meet our neighbors the"Frat Boys" there are about 30 of them. Next time we really need to clean up the house I think I will try their method. It goes something like this:
  • Party very hard-like a frat boy
  • Leave all food, plates, tables, furniture etc. sitting outside for 2 days
  • Beginning cleaning by literally just pulling tablecloth, plates and all onto the floor and shovel it into dumpster, or stack it around dumpster or just leave it in the yard.
  • Get hoses out and spray everything down from the very steep roof.
  • Start huge water and/or food fight.
This method can also be done with all indoor furniture. I believe it works best if you are seriously hung over!! It also provides great entertainment for neighbors!!

Next time I'm feeling like this...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Going to St. George to pay tribute to a great lady

This amazing lady is Shawn's Grandma Andrus. She will be missed by many, but how lucky we are to have her in our lives and touched by her goodness. This picture is of Shawn helping her collect $ for the Washington Ward's new piano. A few thing I love about Grandma Gayle are:
  1. She is the one that lined Shawn and I up, we were engaged on her birthday (a very short time after we met I might add, she knew what she was doing!)
  2. Besides being beautiful she had a great sense of humor
  3. She made the best candy ever. Her fudge makes your hips scream!! No one can make it like her! She was known to hide her candy under the bed!
  4. She always had homemade cookies, kept her house open to all and always made you feel like you were #1!