Sunday, July 27, 2008

A day in the City

We have now given Tay and Abby the complete California experience. We spent the day in my favorite city. On the way we ate at a "Taco Truck" and then took them to Baker Beach ,which is a nude beach. Why is it that you only see old saggy butts on nude beaches? (not that I am looking that close) The nudist's were far away, so we didn't traumatize the girls. They LOVED the beach and had a great time. We spent the first 1/2 of Fri @ ZEUM-what a fun place!! Click here to check it out. Stops also included shopping-of course, Ghirardelli and Chinatown. A great time had by all!

Lemonade Anyone?

The kids had the great idea of doing a lemonade stand. They did a great job (including cleaning it up on their own) and made about $45.00- not too bad. Notice the car in the background, I thought perhaps their sign should have said " Dying for a drink of ice cold lemonade"-my morbid humor, Hannah did not seem amused, perhaps it would have been bad for business. They had fun running their little business. One Chinese guy who spoke no english came by and helped himself to cookies and lemonade without paying. The kids thought it was peculiar. I told them it was all part of running a business.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Food of the God's


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fun with cousins

We are trying to fit everything in that we can while our cousins are visiting-
Here is what we have done so far, aside from the normal eating,playing games,
watching movies and lounging:

Evan's visit would not have been complete without a visit to the famous "Squeeze Inn"
from "Diner's, Drive-Ins and Dives". It was GREAT! It was a dive with artery choking delicious food aptly named, as it is all squeezed into a 900 Sq Foot space(with a steady stream of customers) It was worth the trip!!

We have had a ton of fun with our cousins!! We just spent the day floating down the American River-a perfect way to cool off, relax, visit and laugh!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Girl's Camp

We are all anxious to hear how Lissi does on her overnight hike for YW camp. I swear that her backpack weighs almost as much as she does. We repacked it several times and tried to consolidate, without much success in really reducing its bulk. I guess a "princess needs what a princess needs". We will all be ready for her return, the house is always so different with even 1 person gone for a week.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Relax, Refresh, Rejuvenate

We just returned from a wonderful week in Lake Tahoe. Like a dork, I forgot the camera, but for those of you that have spent time there, you know that pictures don't do it justice! We stayed in a condo and really just had fun and relaxed. We had such of a nice time that Chandler begged to stay 2 more weeks. He now thinks that we really should buy a cabin at the lake. In my dreams! Or when I win the lotto! Here are a few reasons he thought it was so great:
  • We hiked to the top of Alpine Meadows through gorgeous wildflowers and found snow and a breathtaking view of the lake and mountains (boy am I out of shape!) Chan must have thrown 1 ton of rocks from the trail-what is it with boys and rocks?
  • We played games, watched movies, ate-a lot, slept in, stayed up late, read books and had no schedule
  • We rode our bikes through beautiful forest paths to the beach and stayed late swimming with Canadian geese each day. What makes us love jumping in water directly off of glaciers?
  • We went ice skating-some of us are much better at it than others ( I admit, I am a spazzz and was happy to use the walker, I didn't know anyone there-what did I have to loose?) It makes me nervous when all of the adds in the rink are for Orthopaedic surgeons!
  • Toured the beautiful Ehrman Mansion built from 1901-1903, the family stayed there in the summers with their slew of servants-an amazing home!
  • Sat in the hot tub with racoons watching us and us watching them
  • We enjoyed the cool air, the smell of pine trees and the amazing views
It was everything vacations are supposed to be, I highly recommend it!