Monday, May 11, 2009

My letter to a friend having a breast reduction

Dear Lilly (name changed to protect the well endowed),

Just a note to show my SUPPORT to you! I hope you will soon feel UPLIFTED and your normal PERKY self. I am certain you will not be a BOOB through all of the pain you must be in. Please don't MINIMIZE how much I think of you, I really appreciate your friendship (I cross my heart)! May you soon have less BOUNCE back in your steps!
Sue (aka your BOSOM buddy)

So I am off to Ross to find the perfect tiny bra in cheetah print or something outrageous to go along with my letter. What do you think? Of course a yummy dinner will accompany the gift!

Our Whole Earth Day That Wasn't

It all started out as our normal tradition walk to campus and enjoy "Whole Earth Day" aka "Hippie Fest" Just as I was debating in which dreadlock style would go with my tie-dye and tattoo, we get a phone call from one of Parker's friends saying he fell and hit his head HARD and an ambulance was on its way, sure enough, we started hearing emergency vehicles and ran across campus to find our dare devil strapped on a gurney with c-collar and all ready for a ride to the hospital. He and his friends were jumping stairs and leaping over the garbage cans at the bottom and Parker did a face plant on the cement. OUCH! POOR CEMENT!!
Parker pretty much came out unscathed, an impressive goose egg and fracture of his radial head. His biggest upset was that I would not let him go rejoin his "posse" for more fun.

Without a doubt, if we go back to the scene, there will probably be a large dent in the pavement!
Then my sweet senior enjoyed his last HS dance. The group met for pictures at the arboretum (gorgeous spot) The limo picked them up there and they headed to the Sheraton in Sac for the big event.
My boy at his last prom with his favorite mom!

Of course miss social here hung out with her friends and took silly pictures of each other. This picture is the typical teen texter!