Monday, May 31, 2010


Shawn showing Parker who the boss is (again)
Braden doing photos to submit for mission
Chandler creating a "tech-deck"  for miniature skateboard out of recycled boxes (way cool, the pictures don't do it justice!) very entertaining for Chandler!
And more creating. Chandler LOVES playing Legos, especially when Braden will play with him. This is their "rock concert stage"
Braden and Hannah recording lyrics for music that Braden wrote!

Where am I? Documenting these happenings BEHIND the camera, hoping to get a nap but playing a ferocious game of cards to end the evening!

Monday, May 24, 2010


We got to see Tiffany and her new baby.  Parker was CRAZY over baby Layton and Tiff is a great mom because she had so much practice mothering my kids!! 
Chandler LOVES my new TOBI steam presser (so do I!!!) it is fast and does a great job, but the best thing is that Chan spent 2 hours yesterday steaming everyones clothes because he thought it was so much fun!!


We have been on a "jalepenos popper" kick around here. So YUMMY grilled, we stuff them with grilled chicken, gouda chesse and bacon! DELICIOSO!

Miss Hannah is done with crew for the year (posing with her coaches while they make her laugh)
She is sad, I am not so sad! She practiced 5 days a week @ the Port of Sacramento
That is a lot of practice and carpooling!

I keep smiling thinking that in 45 days I will be enjoying my favorite place on earth the glorious

And....only 12 more days of school left!!!