Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back to REALITY!

Rose, Elise and Hannah
Returning to reality after a relaxing vacations really stinks!!
We consumed massive amounts of chips and guacamole, we swam from morning til night and were waited on hand and foot!

We shopped for silver, candy and other trinkets

We all enjoyed parasailing. Parker and I went together and they dipped us down in the water. We were worried about landing in a bunch of manta rays, because they were everywhere!

Some of us acted a little crazy! I happened to find this ENORMOUS bra on the clearance rack @ Ross (How could I resist $3.00 and hilarious?!) I put it in with the girls things while they were at breakfast, they got a good laugh and then passed it on. They took Parker's i-pod and held it in ransom until he put the bra on and walked through the lobby of the resort @ 2 in the AM. What happens in Cabo should stay in Cabo! The scary thing is that Park was all too willing to do it!

We came home to see Braden and hear of his fun adventures, receive his fun prizes he brought for us and ate StroopWaffles that he brought for us!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Life here at the urban hullabaloo has been busy and random with children coming, going and all stages of in between. Hannah just returned from a fun filled week at girls camp. Her Pal Emma went with her and they had a fabulous time (how could it not be great, their cabin looks over this amazing lake) It is SOOO quiet with 2 children gone at a time!! (Braden will return the day before I return from Cabo, he is having a grand time, worn out, missing home but loving life) Chan has kept semi occupied with swim lessons and skateboard lessons. Parker spent 5 days camping with his Pal Conner and his brave grandpa

Here is the Cabo time share we frequent, I can not wait! I can hear the ocean breezes blowing the curtains back as I type this. I hear silver vendors calling me with their magnificent goods!

I should now be packing for a week in Cabo, but lack motivation. What more do I need than a swimsuit, because we are basically going to escape reality, be waited on hand and foot and RELAX!! A much needed break, I have been working too much and so has Shawn.
OH YEAH!! This is MY target, I took a handgun safety class this a.m. and LOVED it!! Currently gathering advice from Pro's Like my bro in law Evan (aka Range Master) or my gal Pal Tanisha, the gun fanatic on which gun to purchase. I tried several today and had a great time.

Why a gun you ask? Basically because I can. I grew up with a dad who always had a gun and always loved shooting with him when we went gathering wood each summer. I like the thought that it is a right to bear arms, even though I live among many Wacky liberal who would like them outlawed.

After a miserably failed plan to go see some of my favorite people in Monterey over the 4th, we found a very fun "Full Moon Kayak Trip" to take. It was gorgeous, I thought my arms would fall off after the trip (I drew the short straw and had Chan in my Kayak, he was a beast, insisted on dragging his paddle and I thought of drowning him before the trip was over) Other than that, I will try this out again, sans Chandler! Check out available trips and the Sac State Aquatics Center

And my new favorite from Costco Mangoes and Berries. Sort of like Sunshine in a bag!! Dried mangoes, blueberries and strawberries. YUMMY!!

How is that for random?
Now I am off to do laundry, clean house and pack. I will think of Chips, Salsa and Guacamole in mass amounts that will be headed my way come Monday, served by a gorgeous pool boy along with ice cold diet coke,a bit of heaven headed my way soon!!