Thursday, April 28, 2011


Yes, there are several quirks to choose from but this is one that I will tell you about for now.  I confess that I believe  it is disgusting to drink out of a plastic cup. I have always thought this. The sort of plastic that I am talking about is the "tupperwarish" cups. I think I got this quirk from my grandma Leona. She hated drinking from anything other than a glass container because "it just tastes better out of real glass" and I believe she is right on. Growing up I loved going to her house and drinking out of these classic cups (she had this whole set that made water extra cold):

Needless to say, I have never liked using the plastic nasty water bottles. When Sigg came out with their fashionable and functional water bottles they were tolerable, much better than nasty plastic. They reminded me of my grandma's aluminum cups. The water seemed extra cold with a bearable "tinny" taste. 

Then I discovered a water bottle that I adore! No plastic taste and no metal taste, just pure and clean taste! This bottle is the BEST!! It comes in a variety of colors, totally washable and functional. It is made by Lifefactory. I highly recommend this. They also make "sippy cap"  bottles for toddlers and baby bottles.  I think I have even been drinking more water having this bottle! Try it, see if you like it!     

Monday, April 25, 2011


That is the word that filled every face in the new Peeps package on Easter morning when they saw these babies. They are practically an Easter bonnet for my feet, no wonder those Peeps looked so joyful!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


So it is that time of year again! Peeps abound everywhere I go, so of course I had to buy a package (or two). As you can see, I opened the package to get the perfect staleness that I love (yes, I had to eat one fresh one, I could not resist that sugary goodness). As I watched these Peeps everyday on my counter, I got feeling rather depressed. Their affect was flat. They were lifeless, there was no joy in life for them. Everyday I would see their dour expression and it would make me sad. It was almost as if they knew that they were either loved or loathed. They felt ordinary, like they were one in a million with the same depressing look on their countenance. This whole thing made me feel gloomy. So, I thought to myself "what would make me feel better if I were feeling down?" Of course the answer is usually  a pair of new shoes! (note: please don't believe that all of the shoes in my closet reflect my depression, it is more of an obsession), but I knew what my Peeps needed. I was going to do an experiment that would forever change  my thinking about Peeps. So I hunted for the shoes that said: "HAPPY" "FUN" "SPRING" "LIFE IS GOOD".  After much searching for such shoe, I think you can see that my experiment worked. I swear to you, as soon as I put this little Peep by these glorious silvery clogs, his/her entire face changed! It was obviously sheer Peep bliss! I think their colors enhance each other. You can feel the happiness radiating in this picture can't you?  So if your Peeps are looking a little down, you know what to do, for the good of the Peeps of course!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ahhhhhhh, ZION....

Megan (my niece), Hannah, Parker, myself and Chandler @ Zion Overlook

Me and My boyfriend

Chandler and Megan.  I have no doubt that Chandler made a 2 mile hike into a 10 miles hike, exploring every rock and running back and forth on the trail!

Shawn and the Princess

Is Parker just adorable in this picture? He is getting to be so handsome!

Friday, April 1, 2011

I wonder. . . .

If the monkey on your back has a monkey on its back what does it mean?