Sunday, February 3, 2013


Don't get me wrong. I love magazines. I do not read them cover to cover ever (but really, who does?) and one quirkly thing about me, I usually always read them from the back to the front. I have no idea why or where I picked up this habit. At work when I am waiting for my next patient to arrive I love reading (emabarassingly), mindless magazines like People (the trashy side of me I suppose!)
Some of my favorite magazines that I actually subscribe to are Sacramento Magazine which has great ideas of the latest and greatest hapenings in the area. Also National Geographic is one of those that I adore reading. But, like many of you, I can't seem to get out of the check-out at the store without grabbing a magazine while waiting behind the line that seemed the fastest and turns to the slowest the minute I get into it. are a few of my magazine issues: (get it, that was a pun.."issues" haha!) I crack myself up!

FUNNY! The  8 reason's my diet isn't working? Duh, Because I likely made the dessert and devoured 8 portions!

Walk off 10 #'s! Yeah right, I will do that right after I make this Brownie Ice Cream Sundae and eat it. It will take me about 4 solid weeks of walking to burn the calories in the dessert!

And  gotta love this one, "swimsuits that fit" Sure! Any swimsuit can fit if you have ENOUGH FABRIC! But after indulging in the above recipes, the fabric needs to increase!

Yep! Doing the cookie recipes, then worry about the article about being more confident if I have time!

"The best new Jeans and flats" Perfect, because after making recipes I will need new jeans. However the flats are the ONE thing that never changes sizes in my wardrobe, hence my shoe fettish!

Ok, this one I may try the "Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes" but let's be honest, the one I know I will try is the not so healthy treats that jump off the cover and beg to be made. Good thing I kept the  above issue to get more jeans that flatter!

I swear these magazines set me up for failure. Bipolar magazines= diet article combined with decadent recipes and how to find clothes that flatter? Why do I continue to buys these? See, I have issues!


Janna Wilkinson said...

I read them from back to front too! I don't know why but it seems more natural to flip the pages that way. (Which really makes no sense, as books aren't oriented that way....)

Anonymous said...

You two are both psychotic Your Mom & Grandma doesn't do that, I just read the back page of novels first to see if I want to read the rest of the book.

Ashley King said...

You crack me up :)