Friday, March 1, 2013


You may remember this bad boy from our Thanksgiving trip to Park City. It was an awesome gift given to Shawn's brother Jeff, but his very thin wife thought it was for her too (she works out at least 2 hours a day) and they were ticked off! It was the best! We put it under their tree with a tag from Shawn's mom, they were not happy and of course we let them mull it around all day before confessing that we gave it to them. I wish I would have filmed their rantings!

Who wouldn't be so excited for this? Knit your own bicycle seat kit! So I snagged this for Lissi, at the bargain priceless price of $1.99 at Urban Outfitters.  I think she is hiding her excitment or maybe saving it to take on her mission if she goes in a biking area she will look so Mormon and hipster!

I LOVE this even though my sweet daughter called me pathetically unromantic!  I thought it was so great for my dear husband! I can imagine lots of fun with this "Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure". Unromantic? Pshhhh...what do you know anyway Lissi?

Another family favorite (and dirt cheap at Amazon) Remote control flying shark. It is filled with helium and swims just like the motion of a real great white! Super cool! Young and old alike adore this one!

This lovely and functional "Cat Butt Pencil Sharpener" was a gift for me from my kids.  Insert pencil,  sound of life like meowing and the shavings fall into the "litter box". A true conversation piece that any home would be better off with!

Parker is the king of quirky, and this was perfect for him.  Trust me, just get your own and read the fascinating cards covering everything from foreign movies to raw food. Very white.

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