Sunday, April 21, 2013


This darling girl has the patience of Job for sure. She kept her call for TWO WHOLE WEEKS waiting for me to get time off work so I could be home to see her open it. 

The emotional moment that she has been waiting for, a Mission call to serve and teach of Christ.

YES! Spanish speaking, which she is really good at after 5 years of Spanish, which also means she will only spend two weeks in the MTC and she will join her group and leave with them to     "B-town"!

The "support" group and Hannah fan club! She is so excited!! She knows this call is especially for her. She is a bit disappointed that people can't believe she is really going to Bakersfield! She can not wait to meet the Hispanic people of this area and teach them a life changing message! Hannah  is so beautiful inside and out and has the kindest heart of anyone that I know. (I am not biased  as her mother either, anyone that knows Lissi will immediately vouch for her kindness!)

A few of my VERY FAVORITE people in life call Bakersfield home!! The Waite Family and The Nilsson Family, both who will take very good care of my girl. And who can forget Dwight Yokum singing about Bakersfield? I think my sister and I are going to do a "missionary version" of this song! (may be to frightening too publicly post)



Carol said...

The pictures make it even more real! Sister Wiscombe will be a first-class missionary, and I love your tribute to her!

Diana said...

Congrats Hannah! I'm sure you will touch many lives. You are very patient. You've come a long way since being our fabulous babysitter. Can't wait to hear about your adventures!

Ixchelle said...

You made me tear-up. I'm so excited for her. Bakersfield really is a great place to live and of course to serve a mission. She will bring more light to this great city and those wonderful Hispanic people. I can't wait to see her. Just hoping I get to go on exchanges with her. Love you dear friend!

Phoebe said...

So great! She is going to be a wonderful missionary!

Meagan said...

Just found this blog while looking for news about the new Bakersfield mission. I was born and raised there and she will not find more down-to-earth people in the world. I especially love the Spanish wards there and know many members who are currently serving in callings in them. Best wishes to her. I'm glad she's excited about her call. Enjoy it because it will be over before you know it!

Lisa said...

I saw your blog when I googled Bakersfield California Mission. I loved the pictures, but the very end caught my attention when you mentioned the Waite and Nilsson Families. I don't know what Waite Family you were referring to (there are three of us in the Brimhall Ward). I am Jim Waite, born and raised in Bakersfield, Likewise my nephew Sherod Waite, and then a distant relative, Troy Waite and his family (who will be moving to Georgia soon). Either way we will all take good care of her. Likewise the Nilsson Family (Micah & Cheryl) who are also in our ward. There are good people here and she should be honored to serve here, just as we will be honored to have her here. Please stay in touch. My email is